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"If I were a critic I’d say this book is a thriller! A page-turner! An engaging story, with the things that matter: life, magic, love, humor, mystery, and just enough raunchiness! 

Try it for yourself before book 2 is released, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!"

- Christine M.

"My Name Is Not Alexa Pearce is a riveting story of a girl on the run from the evil forces that drove her into hiding. As she learns about her powers and her family history, she begins to trust those closest to her as they embark on a page-turning adventure together!

Full of action, suspense, and love, Alexa is a powerful character we can all resonate with."

-Michelle H.

"When I first heard that My Name Is Not Alexa Pearce was within the magical realism genre, I was a little hesitant about possibly committing to a trilogy. I was more than pleasantly surprised at how involved I became in the story of a young woman who basically has the weight of the world on her shoulders and must keep secrets to protect her family while trying to figure out how to defeat an evil entity. 

This novel excites, thrills, and captivates as we follow Alexa as she tries to unlock the secrets of her powers and how best to use them. Love, humor, and adventure lure you in, all the while rooting for Alexa to succeed.

Now I can't wait for the second installment of this trilogy, anxious for more twists and turns on Alexa's path to success."

-Maggie J.

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