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It's safe to say that Kerri McLoone has always been creative. From writing and performing her own songs, to writing and publishing her new book, there is always an original idea on her mind.

She first came up with the character of Alexa Pearce over twelve years ago when she was a college student. In 2009, Kerri graduated from the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College. Her degree was in Studio Composition, or song-writing in layman's terms - a degree in creativity.

A few years later, she was inspired to go back to school and pursue an area that had always been of interest to her. She received her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Long Island University in 2015. This new education granted her a better understanding of the complex layers of humanity which she was eager to apply to her long-dormant brainchild. 

Unfortunately only a couple of short months later, she suffered an accident at work that left her in constant debilitating pain with severe physical limitations and resulted in two major back surgeries before her thirtieth birthday.

However, recovering her health allowed her the time she had not previously had to fully explore the story of Alexa Pearce and, finally after many long years, see it put down in tangible form.

While My Name Is Not Alexa Pearce is her first novel, she is already in the late stages of crafting its sequel - the second book in The Search For Hope Trilogy™, so it certainly will not be her last.